Oscar 100 / QO100 station


Hello my friend!

First of all I used the same base material which I upgraded so there will be 2 parts to this.

  • The SSB station
  • The DATV station

The SSB station

  • The antenna: I bought a dish antenna (80cm): It was good for narrow band with an estimated gain at 2.4Ghz of 23.4db. Receive gain at 10Ghz of 36.2db. 80cm is good for narrowband signals but too small for wideband signals.
  • The receive head: I was lazy and I bought a prebuild poty antenna like this one but with the LNB already attached. assembling poty lnb 22mm
  • Test equipment for SWR: As we are playing with microwave, I don’t want that the RF power is coming back to me, so I bought an antenna analyser able to check the SWR at the correct frequency. With this you are able to check end to end your transmit line before burning an amplifier or an expensive SDR.Photo 1 - UV vectoriels RF Impédance SWR Antenna Analyzer PS100 140-2700 MHz similaire N1201SA
  • The SDR receiver/transmitter: Don’t follow me on this one I bought too big. A LIME SDR USB, first the lime sdr mini is sufficient for DATV and SSB and second the Adalm Pluto is a lot easier to handle and to integrate. I would suggest to go with a Pluto instead.
  • A way to power the LNB called Bias tee injector. Either you buy it, either you build it (few capacitors, a diode and 3 connectors in an metalic case).

If I stop here, I’m able to receive the signal from my computer.

  • If you want to transmit you need a preamp (I took a CN0417)


  • a power amplifier (I used the 12W from DXpatrol):

  • Something very important if you want to make things last long. You need a way to measure RF power. https://www.passion-radio.fr/swr-power-meter/rf-power8000-926.html Not the most accurate but cheap an sufficiantWattmètre RF Power 1-8000Mhz -45dBm à -5dBm SWR-Power meter RF-Power8000-926
  • A set of rf attenuator like these one: https://www.amazon.fr/NooElec-SMA-Att%C3%A9nuator-Kit-dAtt%C3%A9nuateurs/dp/B07YYMT65T/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=rf+attenuator&qid=1646473555&sprefix=rf+atte%2Caps%2C74&sr=8-6

I never measured the output power of the amplifier so I did not had to buy something more expensive.

You will need sdr console to receive SSB 

This was the state of my station until october last year. Then I added something else for DATV.

The DATV Station

To receive DATV I tried with software like SDR angel and it is such a mess that I gave up and bought a minitiouner pro: https://www.r-e-f.org/images/complement_RR/MintiounerPro2/User_guide.pdf

Then I wanted to transmit so I built a Portsdown 4 to drive my Lime SDR USB. It’s working but my signal is very low so I need more power!! (still a work in progress as I wait for my new power amplifier)

I also found usefull to get a GT Media satellite detector to point the antenna (not necessary at all just confort)

What about the power amplifier ? I went overkill and bought a 100W amplifier from PE1RKI

We can rediscuss this.